Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reverse Glass painting

Reverse glass painting

In Reverse Glass Painting the artist paint on one side of the glass, while it is viewed from the other side. Basically the non- painted surface will be the side that is displayed.
The technique is a little unusual and tricky initially.

There are two tricks involved

First : We should trace the mirror image of the design if the design is not symmetrical. For eg. The artist signature would be traced as they will be seen in a looking mirror.Because the painting is viewed from the opposite side

Second:In normal glass painting we make the background first and then the finer details. But in case of Reverse glass painting we will make the finer details first and the the background. For eg If we have to make a hand with jewellery. We would paint the jewellery first and then the hand.One has to keep in mind that whatever appears in the foreground is painted first. Another example is normally we will paint the face first and then the features like eyes, nose, eyebrows and lips whereas in Reverse glass painting the features are painted first followed by the face .

Method of Reverse glass painting

Material required

  • Glass paints

  • out liner

  • glass

  • Tracing paper

Let’s start

Choose a design

Stick the design with tape on the corners and make the outline of the design. Remember the the design should be of mirror image.Now do the outlining .You can use black colour outliner or any colour of your choice. (To make outliners at home check out glass liners)

First put glass paints for shiny items like jewels, decoration etc.Make the finer details first.

Step 4
Later colour the background

Tips and tricks

  • Use gold effect for jewellery. But remember that the jewellery would be painted first.

  • Wait patiently for the paint to dry .Other wise when you will apply paint over it , it may smudge

  • You can use oil paints also if you want make any painting of Traditional figures or God and goddess.

    Hope this information has helped you . Do have a look on links to find designs on your right. Do post your comments and ideas on the tag board on the right. If you are interested in other forms of painting then click the link below

    Rangoli Designs
    Madhubani Painting
    Warli Painting

    So just start and decorate your house with these inspiring and glittering Glass painting pieces.


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Chetna Surya said...

Hello :) can you please tell how the background of the Lord Ganesh picture is painted..It is metallic paint or background

Chetna Surya said...

Hello :) can you please tell how the background of the Lord Ganesh picture is painted..It is metallic paint or background

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