Thursday, January 24, 2008

Make glass liners at home

Normally you can find glass liners easily in market. But you can make glass painting liner at your home also. It’s just so simple and also you have a choice of any colour you want make.

• Ceramic powder
• Fevicol(Quantity that can dissolve ceramic)
• Fabric colour (Any colour of your choice)
• A small container and spoon( to mix the above)
• Plastic sheet (to make cone)
• Cello tape
So lets start.

First make a cone of the plastic sheet and fix it with cello tape.
Mix ceramic, fevicol and fabric colour in a container with a spoon.
Mix it well so that there are no lumps in the solution.
Pour the solution in the cone and close it with help of cellotape.
Your glass liner is ready to use
Tips and trick.

• Make the solution a little thick and don’t add water
• Make sure the tip of the cone is perfect.
• Use lots of cello tape so that the cone does not leak
• You can use this outliner not only on glass but also on any other surface .
• Experiment with colours

Check out the links for glass painting design on the right side of the blog. If you have an Interest to learn other form of art Madhubani Then Check outTips for making Madhubani Painting.
Check out art of rangoli and find heaps of Rangoli designs atRangoli Designs


hima bindu said...

thanx for the procedure. this wud be really very helpful and wil save a lot of money too :)

thought said...


chirag said...

hi .........great pictures..

Arthi said...


I just came across your blog spot and found it quite interesting and helpful.

I found the "Glass Painting Kit: A Complete Kit for Beginning Artists (Walter Foster Painting Kits) (Hardcover)" in Amazon ( and was wondering if i can get those and buy 8x8 mirror and start the basics of glass painting.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thoughtfactory said...

Hi Arthi,
you can use this kit but I am doubtful bout the designs they will provide...I think you have one more alternative you can choose a design from
This site provides the tracing as well and you can buy glass liner and colours of creative craft which are easily available in market.But choice is entirely yours it was just a suggestion

priya said...

this was very nice that u tld d procedure for making the linear.....its very nice... u know how to make glass colors at home??
As v cn prepare evn this at home using resin n all but dnt knw the right procedure....
do tell us if u knw...
thnx in advance

suji said...

I prepared the glass liner this way in my own colours . thx a lot for the procedure..
But i find one difference. the shine is missing in the glass liner prepared at home which is present in the readymade glass liner...
Also i have a question. I prepared the mixture a little thick as u had mentioned... Only problem is the liner doesnt come continuously and breaks in between and not so een- Professional touch is missing. Could u give some tips on the same...
Thanks a lot

priya said...

the procedure u hav mentioned abt d linear is very good .... n also very useful i will try doing it.....can u tell how to make glass colours as evn v can prepare thm at home...if u knw it plz let us knw.....n thanks a lot for this procedure i will jst try it.

priyanka said...

hey..cud u tell me where i can get ceramic powder..??

charu said...

grt site..very simple, neat and precise..enjoyed it
keep up the good work

Sudhaa Gopinath said...

Hi, really interesting blog. Really descriptive and easy to follow instructions. Keep up the good work. Check out my blog too

Take care

anandhirajan said...

I just came across Ur blog it is quite interesting and informative. Thankyou very much sharing the same

rosebud said...

Hi. I have some old glass art stain made by ceramichrome. I don't have any of their thinner. can I use nail polish thinner? Also, can i seal the color so that it wont be sticky? I am painting detail onto white ceramic christmas ornaments. Will spray sealer work? I really appreciate your help. Sincerely, Rosebud From Montreal

NCN said...

its realy amazing...and useful.

jeremy said...

I appreciate your time for doing and posting your article.

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prachi said...

hi i have tried glass painting on glass dishes but if i wash it the colour goes away . Please suggest me wht should i aply on the dishes so that the colour doesnt wash away.

naseera khalid said...

if we use normal glass painting its good but when we want to clean the glass the paint is removed or losses right? so reverse glass painting is better than normal painting .

Bhavanachand said...

Thanks for the recipe. I tried making glass liner using the instructions but still my liner gets hard very quick. Is there anything else I need to consider.

Reena shah said...

Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master

Irene Ajay said...

Hi i wish to paint a peacock on glass.... what kind of colors should i buy? ( i want nice bright colors). will fevicryl's pearl colors be a correct choice ?

simplysimran said...

your blog is amazing. I was planning to do a glass paint. I had a question about it. Is it necessary to make outline of the image on the glass? is it possible that we can start painting directly small areas and allowing it to dry and then continue? Basically i was thinking of doing my painting without the black outline. Could you suggest if this would be a good idea or not?
The picture is of baby krishna with yashoda ma.
Thankyou :)

Gexton said...

Normally you can find glass liners easily in market. But you can make glass painting liner at your home also.
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ramya said...

Today i strted glas painting but when i using linerblack one im not getting properly in a smooth way its nt forming line looking not good .give me some suggestion

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Harshita k. said...

actually i have purchased the liner but from the hole liner isn't coming so if we pour it into fevicol bottle and do then will thickness be the same

Pabitha Pabi said...

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