Thursday, January 24, 2008

Experimenting with glass painting design

Add new dimensions to your glass painting Design

(painting made by using oil colours on glass)

-Use oil colours on glass it takes time to dry but shading comes out great. Oil colour is used with linseed as base. Fill the colours first with of brush. Then take small ball of cotton and a small piece of cotton cloth with fine mesh (preferably used one new cotton cloth have starch) place the cotton in the center of the cloth and then make small pouch. Now using the pouch mix the colours together using small strokes... see the effect. Use colours liberally else empty patches may develop while using this technique.

- Acrylic colour can also be your choice to enhance your glass painting design as it takes less time to dry and the result is bright. Use flat brush to apply colour.

-Gel colours can also be used on glass it gives a very beautiful glossy effect. Gel colour has a combination of hardener and gel and is available
in any store easily.

- for the tinted effect you can use fevicyrl fabric glue, after giving the outline, let it dry and then put some glue and make the surface rough by using a brush.... let it dry for 24 hrs... then apply solvent based stain glass colors.. not water based colors!!!

-for the crystals effect..... You get the crystals from the art shops.. stick it wit the fabric glue.... after leaving it for 24 hrs... use water based stain glass colors!!!!

( a tanjore style glass painting)

-for Tanjore glass painting design you can use oil colors, stone paints(for jewels),gold dust with varnish(gold ornaments).

Experimenting with glass painting designs

Do not restrict yourself to painting stain glass painting only you can also make

( photoframe made using glass paints)

( use of glass paint on cutlery to make it even more attractive)

• Looking mirror(Make design on the edges of the glass)
• Cards(With transparent sheets/ Acetate sheets)
• Book marks(With transparent sheets/ Acetate sheets)
• Trays
• Photo frames
• Decorate boxes , windows ,doors
• Lampshades
• Bottles, plates, drinking glasses, water jars.
• Try it on kitchen storage bottles they look very pretty when put together
• Take a piece of polished glass, paint it, and use as a bracelet with chain or as a pendant.

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Vidushi said...

thnks for gvg m the basic knowledge abt the glass painting

Jackie Champion said...

Hello! Thank you so much for sharing this one. You have such an awesome post! I'll be looking forward for your other posts as well. Keep it up! This blog could really help me out with my business. Anyway, all of the designs are really one-of-a-kind and it really is worth its price. This is definitely going to be a hit for srt glass lovers. Glass can also be sculpted while molten on the end of a punty rod with hand tools either as a solid mass or on a blowpipe as part of a blown object. All of the Le Verre Francais art glass collection sold extremely well and bidding was competitive. A “Lizard” pattern vase in yellows and reds sold for $3600, while patterns like the “Rhododendron “ and “Ash Tree” brought $3120 and $2880 respectively.
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Gexton said...

Experimenting with glass painting design.
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Really interesting. you have awesome collection of glass painting designs. Congradulations

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awesome post of "Experimenting with glass painting design"

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